Adventure On‑Demand

Explore. Discover. Solve.


Any of these sound familiar?
  •  I'm sooooo boorrred.
  •  I dunno, what do you want to do?
  •  Do you know any cool places to go?

  • Don't waste away on the couch...
You deserve an Appventure!
  •  Save your friends from boredom.
  •  Get outside and get some exercise.
  •  Discover cool, new spots near you.
  •  Have some adventure!
What is an Appventure?
An Appventure is an on-demand adventure experience in an app.

The Appventures app uses GPS to navigate you through the real world to explore new places, discover challenging puzzles, and use the clues around you to solve them.
Player Reviews

What a blast! And we discovered our new favorite restaurant while playing! Highly recommend, will play again!

Heather N.

We had friends in town and it was a really cool way to show them around. We will definitely do another one!

Bryan D.
How to Play an Appventure
1. Download Download Appventures from the app store.
2. Purchase Find an Appventure on the map in the app.
3. Play Arrive on site to begin your Appventure!
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